Còi đèn chớp địa chỉ Apollo

Mã Sản Phẩm: 55000-0xxAPO

Giá Từ: Liên Hệ

Giảm Còn: Liên Hệ

Còi đèn chớp địa chỉ Apollo


The Open-area Alarm Devices are loop-powered, wall mounted devices which are connected to any XP95® or Discovery® system.

The range comprises sounders, beacons and sounder beacons, all designed to fit to a common mounting base. Details are shown in Table 1 overleaf.


The alarm devices offer:

• three tones on standard devices; Apollo, Slow Whoop and DIN – all of which comply with EN54–3:2001

• two volume settings 92dB(A) and 100dB(A)

• synchronisation of tones and flashes

• individual & group addressing

• built-in isolator (EN54 versions only)

• wire-to-base for simple interchange of device

• device locking facility

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